Eurocon Isolated Phase Bus and Disconnect Switches are the end result of sound engineering, skilled personnel and excellent quality control.

A quality assurance program has been established to satisfy the requirements of customers. Eurocon IPB Inc. is an ISO 9001-2015 certified manufacturer.

In order to be totally effective, our quality program is in operation continuously; while the level of monitoring activity may vary depending on specific contract commitments.

Design and production tests are in accordance with IEEE/ANSI Standard C37.23. These tests are performed to assure soundness of design and provide the data for continuing research aimed at improving the operating efficiency of the equipment.

All Isolated Phase Bus sections are fully factory-assembled. All pieces are precision manufactured and marked for easy identification. Markings correspond with those on assembly and erection drawings. Factory-assembled bus sections may accommodate a combination of installation method, depending upon conditions at the erection scene.

All Disconnect Switches are fully factory-assembled and shipped in 3-poles completed with transverse support beams readily for field erection and operation.

Bus support structures would be shipped in pieces or sub-assemblies. Each piece is coded and identified with a specific number and location on the erection drawings. Welded type laminated connectors are factory welded on one end and field weld on the other end. For bolted type braided connectors, all required hardware associated with the connections will be provided. Instructions on Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual will also be provided to facilitate the erection process of the equipment.