What is it?

Isolated Phase Bus (IPB) is a structure in which each phase conductor is enclosed by an individual metal housing and separate from adjacent conductor housing by an air space.

Where it is used

It is used to conduct electric power from the generator leads to main transformer low voltage terminals where high concentration of currents is present – to provide the highest degree of safety to personnel while eliminating phase to phase fault.

Construction Features

A bus structure is an assembly of bus conductors, insulated from the enclosed housing by an air gap and supported by porcelain/epoxy resin insulators. The conductors may be of round, square or octagonal tubes. They are designed for use either indoors or outdoors.

The proper application of a bus structure requires knowledge of the bus ratings and service conditions under which the bus structure is to be used. With this knowledge, it is possible to select the proper bus structure in order to provide maximum current carrying capacity and mechanical strength.